All about the sensational Discover Yourself Course by LL

What is the Discovery Yourself Course all about?

    Uols, it's a step-by-step process that guides you through identifying your strengths, researching your options, experimenting to validate your interests, and making an informed decision. I don't think anyone else has attempted something like this before (gituhh confidence tu penting)


    What will I be learning throughout this course?

      The whole course in anchored in the Four Box Method is LL's own personal framework that I've created over the years from my personal experience, reading, hacking myself (gituhh) and mostly just daily reflections. The four box method will cover 4 things: strengths, areas, experiments and decision

      Who is this for?

        Uols, if you've ever said this or thought about these you're probably going to need this:
        "I feel so stuck, I have no idea what I want to do with my life?"
        "Everyone else is doing well, I don't like my job"
        "I just don't feel engaged at work, I don't know what I want"
        "I no longer feel passionate anymore about my role"
        "What if I move and I make a mistake?"

        Who is this course not for?

          If you feel you're already content with where you are and not looking to move for the next 5 years then you are probably good uols.  

          What makes the Four Box Method different from other career development programs?

          The Four Box Method is unique because it's shows you the detailed how. I wanted to create the most useful course in the world so I created tools like actual canvas you can print out and fill up and use it instantly. It's very very practical.
          I hate courses that are all fluffs but zero practical steps. When you're done with the course you get actual tools. For example, I don't just tell you you need to interview people, i tell you the exact questions to ask. Personally uols, I haven't seen anyone tackle the concept of passion before what more provide detailed actionable tools (gituhhh confident lagi).

          What do I get when I enroll in the course?


          When you enroll in the course, you'll receive a Google Drive link with the course  recordings, tools and presentation slides. It's all automated so you get access instantly. The recordings are split into multiple modules and have been tested by other LLers for clarity gituhh kita data driven uols.



          How long does the course take to complete?

          The course is self-paced, so you can move through the material at a speed that works for you. We've cut through the fluff, of course it would be seen more "marketable" to sell 100+ hours of content but the reality it's just a marketing gimmick. So this course in totality is 40 minutes max! split into 4 modules. It's straight the point and even the busiest people can get through the course in a day max.  Practical uolssss!


          How much will the course cost?


          The current price of the course is USD 46 (approximately RM200). Will it stay the same? Probably not gituhhh


          What if I hate the course?

          Uols, if you absolutely hate it no problem uols, email LL. I'll give you a full refund but i'll ask you 7 questions to be precise so that I can learn and get feedback from you. I've always said this over and over again, I rather lose money than take money and people feel unhappy about it. Gituhhh   

          Okay LL, so how can I purchase the course?


          OMG, good job uols, CLICK HERE to go to the payment site