LL's Referral Project Step By Step Instructions (Bookmark this)

Tips on how to get referrals for workplaces

1. Pick a company (just one)

  1. Jabil
  2. Geomatika College Keningau
  3. Vistra Corporate Services
  4. Petron Fuel International
  5. OSK Holdings Berhad
  6. Cognizant
  7. RHB Bank
  8. Accenture
  9. SWIFT
  10. American Express
  11. Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)
  12. Tiktok Malaysia
  13. Infinity Logistics
  14. Petronas Carigali
  15. Deloitte
  16. AS White Global
  17. Astro
  18. Shell Malaysia
  19. Baker Hughes


2. Go on the Linkedin, the company career portal or other job sites and search for open vacancies within these companies. Copy and keep the job link (you'll need it)

3. Tailor your resume (very important to boost your chances!)

The one thing I always tell all my clients - YOU HAVE TO tailor your resume to fit the job description.

Find the job description from #2, and find keywords. then make sure the important keywords are in your resume. Why is this important? because 99% resume are scanned by machines and they look for keywords.

Here is a free article about how to tailor your resume

Capitalist sebentar: LL's best selling Step by step Killer Resume Course + ChatGPT demo is also available (everyone loves this course)

4. When you tailor your resume make sure your resume has at least a 70% keyword match rate. 

Why? Because every job has at least 200 applicants. If you score below that terpaling lah kena ignored. Also your referrers have to explain WHY they reffered you, so if you resume and job description tak match then they might be reluctant to refer uols - you would do the same kan?


5. Once you're confident and ready to apply then click on the google forms link below and fill in the details and attach your resume. It'll get auto forwarded to your referrer based on the company you selected

Application form


6. What's next?

Nothing. It's no longer within your control. The referrers will read it, decide to refer (which mostly they do). If you don't hear back from me or the referrer assume you've been referred. If you don't hear back within 1 month then chances are you didn't make it uols.

I'll send an automated email to you after a month to see how you're doing uols!

Unfortunately LL can't write to notify everyone all the time - LL lanyard tau, busy gituhhh. 


7. Got questions? 

DM LL or drop LL an email at lumrahlanyard@gmail.com

Goodluck uols.