LL's Killer Resume Course - The Brutal, Unfiltered, Comprehensive Course on Resume Writing

Who is this course for?

  1. People who want to learn specifically resume writing (not boring repetitive resume tips)
  2. People who attend career fairs and workshops are frustrated that none of them go deep into resume writing
  3. People who are frustrated with the “common sense” and “repetitive” information when you Google resume writing
  4. People who feel “stuck” and don’t know how to start writing
  5. People who tried applying for jobs and no response over and over again
  6. People who feel they’ve “not been successful with their resumes” 
  7. People who feel “they have all the resources, tapi tak tahu macam mana nak buat”
  8. People who feel they “want to market themselves” but “don’t know how to market themselves”

Who is this course not for?

  1. People who do not want to write their own resumes
  2. People who are not interested in job searching or updating their resume


What’s so great about this course? How is it different that other courses online?

  • I had a very clear vision from the start “to be the most useful resume course on the planet” (gituhh, kita aim big uolsss). I’ve reviewed 100++ resumes by now and I kept seeing the same issues over and over again. I personally got frustrated that the awareness about good resume writing technique is still not there. 
  • There are many courses on “resume tips” and “resume format/structure” but when it came to writing, it was either too surface level or too theoretical. 
  • So I leveraged LL’s network and social media presence to gather HR professionals from the industry and personally interview them on what is it they look for, what are the common mistakes, and most important what are the unspoken brutal truth when it comes to recruiting. 
  • I don’t know if any other course out there explains “behind the scenes” things that happen during the recruitment process, but I do (gituhh)


Why can’t I just Google all this?


You can. But I don’t think you’ll be able to find specific methods and hacks on how to reverse engineer your resumes and see live recordings on how our volunteer instructors actually create bullet points in front of your eyes.

You can however find another boring and useless article on “10 DOs and Don’ts of Resume Writing” - ehhhh.


How do you know if your course is effective?

Yuhuu, it’s LL. A couple of months ago, we shared our initial draft of the class to several “testers” and we asked them for individual feedback before and after the course. All of them said they felt more confident now to write their own resumes. In fact, one person went from a “2 (not confident) to a 8 (very comfortable). To me that was the signal that this really helps people.

Also, LL didn’t stop there uols, I sent the course to HR professionals in LL’s network and all of them either said “it’s comprehensive”, “detailed” or “very honest”. 

I wouldn’t roll out projects if I don’t like it, or I don’t believe in them. I’m a very picky, person (gituhhh perasan uols). I keep my same value of honesty in my drawings in this course too.


What does this course cover?

This course has two portions: theory and practical

On the theory part we spend time on:

  1. Understanding the Applicant tracking system (behind the scenes)
  2. How to write a killer resume bullet using LL’s 4 element method
  3. How to structure your resume

On the practical part:

  1. How to manually extract keywords
  2. How to use a software to extract keywords
  3. LL’s reverse writing method for resume bullets

All of this is shown step by step. One tester described it as “easy, breezy and beautiful” and “no questions left unanswered”. 

I also add in a bonus section: the 4 truths that no one tells you when job searching that we took from our annual project fly bootcamp so that you can benefit from it.

Also added LL’s resume template and LL’s bullet brainstorming sheet.


How much is this?

Uols, LL capitalist gituh. The course is priced at USD 46 (roughly RM200). That’s the price of 10 starbucks Venti Frapuccino (ehhh). Two nasi ayam Grand Hyatt. 0.01% of your flight ticket to London (ehhh).


Or if you are having a hard time to decide between the course of the resume review service, pick a combo and save more money that way. The combo is priced at USD56 (roughly RM250). People get the best results using the combo because they learn to do it the right way and I go over the resume once it's done to improve their approach to things. 

Uols, no expiry. Take all the time you need. LL is not selling perishable goods. I've had people who email me after one month because they've been super busy with life.

What if I absolutely hate it and didn’t find it useful.

Okay je uols. I give out 30 day refunds. I know people will always abuse this so I don’t care if you’re going to abuse this. But I will ask you 6 questions in specific before I refund you just so I can learn from your feedback. I always believe, it’s better to refund people than give people a bad experience. No money is that worth it.

Can fresh grads use this?

Yes. Actually fresh grads probably need this more than other people. Since it’s a writing skill that they are building.

Many people who went through the course as testers came back to us saying they also use the techniques shared during their year end appraisals writing.

So you need to know how to sell yourself (without actually selling yourself) and this will help you.


Can I gift this to others?

Yes you may.

Once you complete payment, you’ll get a link to a google drive with the course content in it. You can let me know the email of the person you’re gifting it too so I can add them to the list of permitted emails. You may forward the google drive link to them.

What to expect after I pay?

You’ll get an email from buymeacoffee website, with a link to google drive of the course. Inside it you’ll find numbered videos and templates and resources for you to start your journey. It’s self paced so take your time.


Okay, ready take my money LL (gituhh)

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