The Honest Truth About Project Fly By LL

Why did you start Project Fly by LL?

A couple of years ago, I remember staring at my email inbox and thinking "another rejection?". At this point, I've applied to more than 200++ jobs online. It hurt me so bad. I felt so helpless. It felt as though all the hours and hours I spent online dropping resume and applying online just didn't work. It felt as though the whole thousands and thousands of jobs listed online on Linkedin, and Jobstreet and etc was just an illusion. "What did I do wrong?" I kept asking myself. 

Things got even worse when I started researching and reading up things on blogs. I read one after another "Just be yourself" or "Just apply" advice. Unhelpful, and practically useless. I was frustrated. More than that, I was helpless.

Fast forward, I started experimenting different things. Started my own research, reached out to recruiters, and studied what exactly happened behind the scenes. And slowly but surely, I started finding my own ways to outsmart the whole job application process with zero connections, and experience. I went from getting rejected from every week, to at least getting called for interviews and getting offers.

What I found was a system, but even better than that is a mindset - something I wish some else had pulled me aside and told me. That's why I started Project Fly, to get the job searching advice I wish I personally had when I struggled.

What is Project Fly?

We launched our friend cohort early in 2022, and this is how they described it at the end of their experience:

"Lanyard Survival Camp 101"
"A step-by-step method to find and land your dream job"

"Kind of a support program to help you find your next job"


Personally, I like to think of it as an intense (yes intense) bootcamp that gives you all the tools, step by step to increase your chances of getting you a dream job (notice I didn't use the word guarantee because no one can ever guarantee anything, if they did - be very skeptical)

What will you cover in your Project Fly?

Project Fly has 4 key modules:

1. Knowing yourself

2. Applying

3. Acing that interview

4. Salary negotiation

It covers end to end from hacking yourself, to all the way how do you ask for a better salary without coming off demanding in a Malaysian context. Even better if we give you scripts, word for word on how to reach out to people and build your connection.


What do you have a "Knowing Yourself" portion?


People find it so surprising a job search bootcamp is talking about knowing yourself. But the truth is, job hopping without a clear intention or goal will only cause more pain than help. Trust me, I've hopped around multiple roles in my career, and every time, I feel as though I'm still not in the "right place". So that's why when we started Project Fly, the first module is all about knowing yourself. 

Previous graduates of as we like to call them "Flyers" like to say our knowing yourself modules are:

"I loved how I was taught to find my passion"

"Clear steps to identify career steps"
"It's all about hacking myself"

So yes, this module will remain and it's a unique way of starting a career search camp which I honestly think is very unique for LL, gituhhh confident tu penting uolllsssss.


How many of your Flyers end up getting jobs after this bootcamp?


What I want to give you is a percentage of people who got a job within 3 months of attending this Project Fly, but I can't! Trust me, I've tried! Because many people enter the bootcamp with different phases of their careers - some actively searching, while some just to upskill themselves for the future. The intention varies a lot.

But I can tell you that we've had several Flyers who were actively looking for jobs, go through interview rounds and impress their interviewers  after the bootcamp. Some even wrote to LL and shared with exclamation points "I got the job!"

We've received a total score of 4.7 out of 5 in our final course evaluation too. So it works. But once again, will it guarantee to work 100% all the time? absolutely not! No one can and should be promising you things, at least I don't believe in that because everyone's situation is different.

What we do know is, a lot of people have huge "aha" moments going through the class and we know this because we track feedback after every module


How long is Project Fly?

We are keeping it to two days - conducted over the weekend, for a good 3 hours/per day. Usually people get really excited and we have a good Q&A session towards each module. but generally that's the timing. 

Don't worry if the timing doesn't work for you, we usually survey and poll the candidates to see if they can make it to the class or alternatively, we have recordings available to them if they can't make it for whatever reason.


Is this a physical or virtual program?

Eh hello, kita 100% virtual uolss. Safer, easier, and so advanced, gituhhh.


How much Project Fly?

We charge RM450/pax. Don't worry if it's too much strain, we also offer a payment plan of RM150 x 3 months that will be automatically deducted. We also have usually 1-2 scholarship slots opened thanks to LLers who sponsor someone.


What if I have more questions?

Email me, DM me on twitter or instagram.


How do I sign up?

You can drop your email here so that we can contact you when the cohort starts


What if I'm not ready to join Project Fly?

That's completely fine! Remember at the end of the day you need to know where you at in your career and what you want! So LL will always support you.

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