LL's Choose Yourself Journal Series
LL's Choose Yourself Journal Series
LL's Choose Yourself Journal Series
LL's Choose Yourself Journal Series

LL's Choose Yourself Journal Series

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Something I've never told anyone

Throughout my entire working life, I've been labeled many things:

"Got attitude problem"

"Perasan Pandai"


"Not patient"


As many of you progress in your careers, I'm sure you too have been called names - some, flattering,  while others, feel like a stab to your gut. Every time I hear these things, I feel my energy leaving me. Sometimes, it would take me days to recover. 

To the world, I was someone who was good at my job, but behind that mask, I was struggling. Work was suffocating, and the people were draining. It gets worse when you realize your entire career depends on one word - politics

As I was struggling to process my emotions, my friend introduced me to journaling. 

I hated the idea of journaling, it felt "weird" and very "leceh". I didn’t even think it could help.

But I made a promise:  do it for a month, and if I still don't like it - I'll stop it.

I still remember the moment that changed me.

As I stared at my own handwriting on the paper, for that brief moment, I was detached from my own thoughts. I was now processing my own problem as a “third party”. To view your life through a different lens is a gift.

Isn't it weird how a 10-minute practice could change your entire life?

I remember thinking there and then - "I wish more people did this"

So when LL grew from 10 followers to now 10k followers, I felt it in my gut it was the right time to push people to embrace this habit.

I hope this journey in front of you, changes you to be the better version of yourself.